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Thickener Organic Citrus Pectin 99%

Pectin HM, ultra low viscosity (max. 15 mPa s )

LM and HM pectin ( DE 30-35 %) for produce bake stable jam for biscuit filling

food grade and halal certificate, ISO certificate

fresh stock; good quality; bulk exported; samples available;


It is a white to light brown/tan powder.
The main use for pectin is as a gelling agent, thickening agent and stabilizer in food,
and mainly prepared from ‘waste’ citrus peel and apple pomace.
Product should be free from any foreign materials.

Appearance Cream to light brown / tan
Physical State Powder
Solubility soluble ,forms viscous solution
odour odorless
Bulk Density 580 – 600gms/lit.


Loss on Drying % Not more than 10%
Type Rapid Set / Slow Set
Application test on Baking stability Ok
PH (1% Solution ) 2.8 – 3.4 %
Gel strength 90 – 110


Total plate count < 500CFU/g
Yeast & Moulds < 10 CFU/g
Enterobacteriacae Absent (1 g)
Salmonella Absent (25 g)


Product packed in Food grade Plastic/metal containers or bags.
Cotainers used for transport Clean,Dry and free from the conditions which may causes any damage to the raw material.
Product stored in a clean, cool, dry place away from sunlight.

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