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Synthetic vanillin

High Quality Flavour & Fragrance synthetic vanillin

Product Name: Vanillin

Other name: Ethyl Vanillin, vanilla powder ,Vanillin powder

Appearance: white to pale yellow crystals or powder

MF: C8H8O3

HS CODE: 2912420000

EINECS No.: 204-467-7

CAS NO.:121-33-5

FEMA No.: 2430

Melting Point: 81.0-83.0ºC


Vanilla is a flavor derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, has a strong vanilla and milk flavor.

white to pale yellow crystal; melting 76.5 C; having 3.5 times stronger flavor and more stable in

organic solvents and in storage than vanillin but does not have the true flavor.

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