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Sweeteners Crystalline fructose

1.Product Name: Crystalline Fructose

2.CAS NO:135-19-3

3.Purity: 99.0%min

4.Appearance: White Crystal powder

5.HS Code: 1702500000


Crystalline fructose is made from crystalline glucose which undergoes the process of isomerization, crystallization and dehydration.
Crystalline fructose tastes most sweet among all types of sugars. Its sweetness is 1.2 times of cane sugar, and elevated to 1.8 times at lower temperature, thereby effectively reducing the consumption volume. Crystalline fructose is found in many low calorie foods, acid milks.
Crystalline fructose can provide human bodies with energy promptly on intake as it does not depend on insulin for absorption. Therefore it is suitable for making sports and energy drinks, to enhance the endurance of the athletes.
Crystalline fructose has the lowest glycemic index within the ordinary sugars. Glycemic Index tracks the rate of increase in blood glucose level after a meal. The higher the value of Glycemic Index, the more quickly the blood glucose level rises. The Glycemic Index of glucose is 100, cane sugar is 65, honey is 55 while fructose is just 19. As a result fructose is a better choice for the diabetics.
Crystalline fructose is solid which is convenient for transportation and storage.

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