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Saffron crocus is arguably the most expensive herb in the world, due to amount of time and energy it takes to harvest. The term saffron actually refers to the dried stigmas and top of the saffron crocus, a type of flower similar to safflower.
In traditional Chinese medicine, saffron has a sweet taste and cold properties, and is associated with the Heart and Liver meridians. Its main functions are to invigorate the blood, remove stagnation, clear the meridians and release toxins.
Product Name
Saffron crocus Extract
Latin Name
Crocus Sativus
Active Ingredients
Crocin and Safranal Crocin
Part Used
Orange red powder

1.The role of the liver and gallbladder:
The Saffron crocus acid can reduce cholesterol and increase fat metabolism, with the hawthorn, Cassia, Alisma traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of fatty liver.
Saffron through the microcirculation, promoting bile secretion and excretion, thereby reducing the abnormally high levels of globulin and total bilirubin, Saffron can be used for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis after liver cirrhosis. Early acute liver injury caused by acid saffron toxic substances the chemopreventive role, hope for the treatment of chronic cholecystitis.

2.The role of the circulatory system:
Saffron crocus extract excitatory effects on respiration, under the conditions of atmospheric hypoxia enhances intracellular oxygen metabolism, improve cardiac hypoxia tolerance, strenuous exercise myocardial cell injury weakened to some extent, on the heart have some protective effect.

3.Immunomodulatory role:
Saffron crocus clinically for the treatment of a variety of human chronic diseases, blood circulation through its antibacterial anti-inflammatory effect, enhance body endurance, enhanced lymphocyte proliferative response, in order to improve the body’s cells and humoral immunity, play adjust the body the gas machine running, balance the body’s yin and yang effect.

4.The anti-tumor effect.
Modern research has found that saffron preparations tumor suppressor ability to fight cancer.

5.The role of the kidneys.
Currently considered the release of inflammatory mediators is closely related to the pathogenesis of glomerulonephritis and platelet, saffron crocus for interference nephritis animal models has made significant efficacy. The saffron will enable the the kidney capillaries to keep them open, increased renal blood flow and promote inflammatory damage repair.

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Sheld Life
Two Years When Properly Stored
Store in Cool and Dry Places.Please Keep Away From Strong Light