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Pacific meckerel

Scomber Japanicus’ Apperance
The body of the Pacific mackerel tapers at both ends.
They have a pointy head and a large mouth.
The head is dark blue, the back is dark blue with about 30 dark wavy lines, and the undersides are silver green.
Pacific mackerel can be distinguished from other mackerel by counting the finlets on their back; Pacific mackerel typically have four to six finlets.

Nutritional value

9 Health Benefits of Mackerel
1) Mackerel Is a Substantial Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids
2) Mackerel Contains Significant Amounts of Vitamin B12
3) Rich In Protein
4) Mackerel Contains Very Low Levels of Mercury
5) An Excellent Source of Selenium
6) May Improve Cardiovascular Health
7) Mackerel Offers 100% of the RDI For Vitamin D
8) May Improve Cognitive Function
9) Mackerel Can Help To Reduce Triglyceride Levels
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Product description
Scientific Name
Pacific Mackerel
Latin Name
Scomber Japonicus
80-120g, 100-200g, 200-300g, 300-400g, 400-600
A. For Fishing / Bait – Grade A
B. For Market Sale – Grade A / B
C. For Canning – Grade C
Freezing Way
A. BQF (BLOCK Quick Frozen)
B. IQF (Individually Quick Frozen)
Freezing Area
A. Sea/Board Frozen
B. Land Frozen
Catch Way
A. Trawl
B. Light Purse Seine
below minus 35 degrees celsius
Shelf Life
24 months