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Maltose Syrup/powder

Good Quality Maltose Powder/maltose syrup/maltose priceGood Quality Maltose Powder/maltose syrup/maltose price

Maltose, also known as maltobiose or malt sugar. It is white needle crystal. The common maltose is no crystallization, but also in the cooking due to the addition of sucrose, so that the white maltose also turned to golden yellow, increasing its color and flavor
Good Quality Maltose Powder/maltose syrup/maltose price

  1. For jam, jelly production, plays sweeteners, thickeners, bulking agent, bonding can be controlled permeability, balanced sweetness and color.
  2. For drinks, milk drinks, can make products taste better, imported fresh, because malt sweetness of low temperature increases, so the freezed better flavor.
  3. As oyster sauce, soy sauce and other condiments accessories, there are sweeteners, thickeners, toners effect. Used in the production of caramel, can increase its red index and color ratio, and it has a nice caramel flavor, improve product quality.
  4. The pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal syrup sweeteners, thickeners.
  5. For the production of high-end candy and hard candy.

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