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Kelp/Barley dietary fiber

Intraduction of Barley Dietary Fiber

the traditional wheat fine is barley and malt as raw materials by biological extraction technology with a typical rich malt aroma, soft and sweet, rich nutrients pure natural raw materials. With excellent food processing performance.

barley wheat is grown at an altitude of 3300 meters -4500 meters of alpine, pollution-free health known as the barley as raw materials, the use of advanced wheat finishing equipment and technology to produce a barley wheat fine products, not only With the traditional wheat fine flavor and processing performance, but also has the consumer’s favorite biological health function.

Function of Barley Dietary Fiber

  1. Barley Dietary Fiber contribute to Escherichia coli in the intestine synthesize vitamins.
  2. Barley Dietary Fiber small proportion of cellulose, large size, and occupies more space in the gastrointestinal, gives rise to a sense of satiety and weight loss.
  3. Barley Dietary Fiber volume of cellulose, can stimulate the gastro-intestinal tract after eating, increased secretion of the digestive tract and gastrointestinal motility enhancement, prevention and treatment of diabetes and constipation.
  4. Barley Dietary Fiber high-fiber diet can delay gastric emptying, intestinal transit time, the soluble fiber in the intestinal form gel and sugar absorption, such as slowing down. Enhance glucose metabolism.
  5. Barley Dietary Fiber patients with diabetes to eat high fiber diet, not only can improve blood sugar, reduce the dose of insulin and oral antidiabetic drugs, and help to lose weight, it also helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

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