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Hydrochloric Acid

hydrochloric acid food grade Service & Advantages
Our service:

1.Mixed container service.we can mix different items in one container for you.

2.Quality control service.we’ll take free sample for test before shippment,and after shipment,keep sample at least for three months.

3.Packing service.Packging as your request,with photo before shipment.

4.Professional loading service.we’ll provide you with professional loading,after shipment,we check the container,take pictures and make records.

Our Advabtages:

1.We have full experience of large numbers containers loading

2.We have complete phosphoric acid,polyphosphoric acid production lines.

3.Our factory is near to Xingang Port of China

4.We can pack with pallet as buyer’s special request

5.We provide fast shipment by reputed shipping line

6.Cargoes photo before and after loading into container

hydrochloric acid food grade Usage
1.Industry Phosphoric Acidused in removing dust from the metal surfaces.Used as rust converter by bringing it in direct contact with a rusted iron, or steel tools and other surfaces that are rusted.It is helpful in cleaning the mineral deposits, cement nous smears and hard water stains.

2.Food Used to acidify the foods and beverages such as colas.

3.Medicine Phosphoric Acid is an important ingredient in over the counter medications to combat nausea.

4.Dentistry Phosphoric Acid is mixed with zinc powder and forms zinc phosphate, and it is useful in temporary dental cement. In orthodontics, zinc is used as an etching solution to help clean and roughen the surface of teeth.

5.Fertilizer Used as reaction fertilizer in the soil around a granule acidification is generated that improves the utilization of phosphorus applied and available in the rhizosphere. Due to its nitrogen content (present as ammonia), it is good for crops that require these nutrients in its initial phase