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Gossypol-acetic acid/ Acetate gossypol /Gossypol acetate 98%, cotton seed extract

Gossypol is an active ingredient extracted from the mature seeds or cotton roots of Malvaceae plants or other plants, and is widely used in the field of medicine in the form of gossypol acetate. Oral administration of gossypol acetate has been successfully used for male contraception for many years, and has anti-tumor, anti-viral, anti-parasitic and other activities.

      Natural Cotton Seed Extract 98% Gossypol-acetic Acid         Natural Cotton Seed Extract 98% Gossypol-acetic Acid

Function of Acetate gossypol

u Men’s birth control

u Treatment of menopausal women

u Anti-tuber

u Antitumor

u Antiviral

Application of Acetate gossypol


Gossypol acetate has important applications in medical treatment

1.The refined gossypol acetate is used as a male birth control at a daily dose of 20 mg orally, which significantly reduces the sperm survival rate. After 9,000 people, it is confirmed that gossypol is a reliable male birth control drug.

2.Gossypol acetate also has significant effects in the treatment of certain gynecological diseases, such as uterine fibroids, functional bleeding, endometriosis and treatment of certain urological diseases, such as prostate hyperplasia, prostate cancer has obvious efficacy.