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Florfenicol water-soluble powder

Product Name: Florfenicol
Molecular Formula : C12H14Cl2FNO4S
Molecular Weight : 358.21
CAS No.: 76639-94-6
Florfenicol is white crystall powder, odourless, taste bitter. This product in DMF dissolve easily in the dissolved in methanol in slightly soluble in glacial acetic acid in water or chloroform micro dissolve.
Suitable for various kinds of various infections caused by sensitive bacteria.

Function of Florfenicol

  1. to pig pleurisy, streptococcus, attach red filaments, day 2, diarrhea effects.
  2. to chickens of contagion rhinitis, pig, ox lung phytophthora duck respiratory infection, inflammation, RuXianYan serous disease such as effects,
  3. the aquatic product categories: for bacterial enteritis sepsis, disease, red skin disease, vibrio disease, perpendicular scale disease, class nodules disease, Enoch concurrent salmonellosis, scabies disease, eel red eosinophilic disease and bullfrogs bacterial dysentery effects

Application of Florfenicol
Animal-specific antibacterial agent for bacterial diseases of pigs, chickens and fish caused by sensitive bacteria, especially for respiratory infections and intestinal infections.