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Eye Supplement Gac Fruit Enzyme Health Care

Product Introduce
Eye Care Drink Enzymes Rich In Zeaxanthin – MicroSmilE. Gac Fruit Enzyme
Eye Care Gac Fruit Food Enzyme Drink Vitamins For Eyes

Gac Fruits is known for its rich nutrition , which contains essential nutrient elements , especially for eyes supplement. Considering that increasing frequency of use in electronics , we have been devoted to research and development in MicroSmilE.- Gac Fruit Enzyme.

According to USDA report in 2004, Gac Fruits was researched that it has Lycopene ( seventy times than tomatoes ) , Zeaxanthin ( thirty-three times than corns ) and Beta Carotene ( fifty-five times than carrots ) .

Product name:
MicroSmilE. – Gac Fruit Enzyme
Gac fruit , Oriental plum , White sugar , Lactobacillus fermentum , L. acidophilus
Oral Liquid
Good for eye health and maintaining eyesight
Natural, No additives, Preservative-free, Pesticide-free, Metal-free, Plasticizer-free
Fermentation period:
365 days fermented
Store in a cool , dry place. Avoid excessive heat. Please finish it once unpacking
Shelf Life:
2 years

Our Advantages
Every dip of the enzyme not only contains enzyme but also plenty of active essence, such as amino acid,mineral material,fruit polyphenol, and vitamin, which are all indispensable nourish for cell growth.MicroSmilE. Adopts unique fermentation technology with golden strain proportion, which is fermented for as long as 365 days and it is easier absorbed by the body by keeping the essence of minimum molecule with maximum proportion.