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Diclazuril Soluble Powder 0.5%

Quantity(Kilograms) 1 – 10000 >10000
Est. Time(days) 10 To be negotiated
Diclazuril Soluble Powder

Product Description

Pharmacologic action:

By acting on all cell developmental stage of coccidian, it can kill chicken E.tanella, E.maxima, E.acervulina, E.necatrix, E.brunetti, E.minati. quickly. It can also kill coccidian which have resistance to other anti-coccidiosis drugs. Index number of resist coccidian is above 200. It can control coincidence and secondary bacterial infection, accelerate recovery of damaged intestinal mucosa, improve bloody flux symptom.

For treatment and prevention of infestations with helminthes susceptible to Diclazuril in sheep, goats and cattle

Specifications: 0.5%,5%

Withdrawal time:
1) Meat: 15 days before slaughter
2) Milk: 5 days before consumption


Add 200g Diclazuril 0.2% premix to each metric ton,feed continouously until one week before Slaughter.


1.The period of drug action is short, withdraw 1 day, the effect to coccidian will decrease, and the effect will disappear after 2 days.

  1. The concentration is very low if mixed with feedstuff ,must be mixed thoroughly.
  2. It is forbidden for laying period.

Other name: 2,6-Dichloro-alpha-(4-chlorophenyl)-4-(4,5-dihydro-3,5-dioxo-1,2,4-triazin-2(3H)-yl)benzeneacetonitrile

CAS NO.: 101831-37-2

MF: C17H9Cl3N4O2

MW: 407.64

InChI: 1S/C17H9Cl3N4O2/c18-10-3-1-9(2-4-10)12(7-21)16-13(19)5-11(6-14(16)20)24-17(26)23-15(25)8-22-24/h1-6,8,12H,(H,23,25,26)

Solubility: Sparingly soluble in dimethylformamide, slightly soluble in tetrahydrofuran, practically insoluble in water and alcohol.