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Coconut Charcoal

coconut charcoal Lump is come from natural ingredient, coconut shell is being carbonised and well manufacturer into coconut shell charcoal, Indonesia is No 1 for Coconut resources. we have the best coconut in the world. coconut charcoal is used as a raw material for BRIQUETTES CHARCOAL AND SHISHA CHARCOAL, it is eco friendly and safely use for your family and also economical in terms of price Product Details Application
Citra coconut charcoal 008 is widely use in charcoal industries as a ingredient or raw material for coconut charcoal briquettes all types. This natural coconut charcoal powder is natural made from coconut shell and well grind into powder with 80 mesh. It is suitable for charcoal industries to make charcoal briquettes,cubes and coin
Product Details Application
coconut charcoal lump after being grind into powder, can be used also in mosquito coils repellent. This type of black mosquito coils is mostly used in India, China, Africa Market.