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Chondroitin sulfuric acid

  1. chondroitin sulfuric acid rehabilitates the attrited arthrosis cartilage,is a key structural component in cartilage

and acts as a lubricant.

  1. chondroitin sulfuric acid enhances the immunity and improve osteoporosis.
  2. chondroitin sulfuric acid cures neuralgia, arthralgia and process the concrescence of wounds.
  3. chondroitin sulfuric acid promotes the synthesis of mucopolysaccharides, advance the viscosity of synovia, and improve the metabolism of arthroidal cartilage.
  4. chondroitin sulfuric acid has some curative effect on rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis.
    6.chondroitin sulfuric acid has some curative effect on melanoma, lung cancer and renal carcinoma.

Yuantai Chondroitin Sulfuric Acid 98%
1.chondroitin sulfuric acid plays the role of anhydrous sodium sulfite is extensive, it has a very important role in pharmaceutical industry, paper making, leather tanning and dyeing industries and plant fiber bleaching, food, etc.

2 chondroitin sulfuric acid is also used to film developing, bleaching agents, printing and dyeing industry as deoxygenating agent. sulphate aluminum.