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Bentonite/Montmorillonite Toxin Binder For Poultry Animal Feed Agrochemicals

Product Description
Product Name:Feed grade montmorillonite antibacterial additives toxin binder
Feed using montmorillonite is a new generation natural material of green feed additive raw, which can instead of zinc oxide and antibiotics. It can prevent the weaned piglets from purging effectively. and also can reduce heavy metal, aflatoxin, and pesticide pest remained in the body of piglet. Restraining the production of Escherichia coli in nutrient absorption. It’s no residue, no resistance, no toxic side effect, so it is the best material for absorption agent for all kinds of animal feed.

Function Introduction

  1. Protection of gastrointestinal mucosa,prevent and treat all kinds of diarrhea.
  2. Adsorb aflatoxin and other mycotoxins ,eliminate toxins.
  3. Able to repair the intestinal mucosa, protect digestive tract.
  4. Able to replace some Zinc Oxide and antibiotics in feed recipes.
  5. Convergence wound, blood coagulation and hemostasis.
  6. It can clear up the farming environment and purify the water of fishponds, and reduce the chance of animal sickness。
  7. Balance of trace elements, adsorption of heavy metals, promote growth

Using Introduction

  1. For the treatment of diarrhea complete feed: added 0.4%-0.5%.
  2. For prevention of diarrhea complete feed: added 0.2%-0.3%.
  3. For reducing mycotoxin feed additive: 0.1%-0.4%.
  4. For replacing ZnO complete feed added :0.5%.
  5. For cleaning livestock’s and poultry’s houses. sprinkled on the ground of 100-200g/㎡ every month.

Other Introduction

  1. It is a natural non-metallic minerals(not drug), natural and green.
  2. It can be used long-term because of no residues.
  3. Avoid strong sunlight and wet, quality quarantee period 36 months.

Montmorillonite Properties