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50kg-100kg jumbo jute bags

50kg-100kg jumbo jute bags

We are Exporter now available in stock of 50kg-100kg jumbo jute bags bags ,jute Sacks ,Jute Yarn, Raw Jute,Jute Hessian Cloth,Jute Cloth Bag, any kind of Jute Handicraft,Coconut Fiber,Coir yarn,Coir dust, from South Africa, china, india

We are specialized in various specifications of

Raw Jute,(all grade)
Jute Sacks(any size & any specification)
Jute Yarn (all grade)
Jute Hessain Cloth (any specification),
Jute Hessain Cloth Bag (any specification)
any kind of Jute Handicraft (any specification)
The material is eco-friendly, it can be recycled and reused.
We can design it for you, also can produce as per your specification