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All trades is into both consumable and health oil supply .We do whole sale and retail of different kinds of Oil as list below Vegetable oils palm oil, maize (corn), olive, peanut, soy, and sunflowers Different kinds of oils are also used for many other thingsmake cosmetics, medicines, paints, and detergents, like washing up liquids. Soap(s) are similar to detergents, but they are generally made from animal fat(s) rather than oils. Oil is also made for various purposes including synthetic fuel and lubricant.

Nuts and Kernels

All trades is into supply of all types of nuts both raw and process .We do whole sale and retail of different as list below , coconuts, betel nuts, cashew nuts, mecademia nuts , almond nuts, peanuts, Peeled, dried amazon nut
Peanut kernels,Bitter,Apricot Kernel,Hazelnut,Walnuts,Chestnuts,Pecan nuts,Amerian Pistachio, Turkish Pistachio, Iranian Pistachio and Thailand origin Pistachio,Pine Nuts,Macadamia nut,Cashew nuts,Almond Nuts Different kinds of nuts are also used for many other things , food additive, food consumption , make cosmetics, medicines


All trades is into supply of all types and kind of seafoods we do have fresh, frozen and dry seafoods .We do whole-sale and retail of different kinds of seafood as list below ribbon fish, sardine fish, mackerel fish, shrimps, crabs, alaska pollock fish, snapper fish, beam fish , tuna fish, abalone fish, ETC. Seafood are use for preparing different type and kind on dishes around the world.


Alltrades business is a mojor supplier of various types of gloves from constuction , welding, hospital gloves and clearning gloves as well as work suites and coverall both large and small to wholeseller and retailers .We supply world wide and locally to our customers.

Food additives

Food additives are substances added to food to preserve food or enhance its taste, appearance, or other qualities. Here at alltradesbusiness we offer a variety of food additives!!

Recycled materials

Aluminum Cans

Metal Scrap

Plastics Bottles

About us is a platform for global wholesalers and retail traders.We  serve thousand of buyers and suppliers all around the world .We aim to establish long term relationships with buyers ma sure that they are satisfied with the benefit of our services we offer them.

Our mission


Our mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere and  everywhere  you are. 

We do this by  supplying  the tools, need  and  demands that is  necessary to reach a global audience for their demands  and needs, and by helping buyers/suppliers find products they  need  and  desire   quickly and efficiently.